Gujarati Khandvi RecipeBy AmisCookingKhandvi is one of the most popular besan Gujarati snacks just like khaman dhokla and fafda. It's made out of a few ingredients that are easily found in Indian households.
Cheese Spinach Corn PocketsBy AmisCookingThe spinach and cheese samosa filling is a twist to the classic Irani samosa and it is shaped like pockets rather than samosa. This makes a perfect tea time snack or a great party starter.
Mumbai Schezwan Jini Dosa RecipeBy AmisCookingSchezwan Jini Dos is one of Mumbai's most popular street food. It combines flavors from IndoChinese cuisine, Pav Bhaji, Dosa, and Pizza into one delicious meal. Here, I have attempted to show you how to create this extremely tasty recipe at home using street techniques. The best part is that you can adjust all the ingredients accordingly to your taste rather than following strict measurements. Please give this recipe a try and share your experience in the comments below!
Sprouted Moong DhoklaBy AmisCookingDhokla is a Gujarati staple that is now famous all over India. Today, I have created a healthy version of dhokla made with sprouted moong. It's a great guilt-free snack to have during the summer!
Khichadi CutletsBy AmisCookingLeftover khichadi or rice is not very appetizing the next day. Instead, you can convert it into a tasty snack that everyone in your family will enjoy. I have tried to use minimum ingredients and Indian pantry staples to make the khichadi cutlets. So please give this recipe a try and let me know your feedbacks. Don't forget to like, share and subscribe to Ami's Cooking! 🙂
Flat Rice Potato Cutlet RollsBy AmisCookingFlat Rice Potato Cutlet Rolls is a recipe made from leftover poha. It's a fun way to spruce up the poha and make it into an appetizer or a snack.
Mini Uttapam Tiffin Lunch BoxBy AmisCookingInstant sooji uttapam also known as rava uttapam is loaded with vegetables that are nutritious as well as delicious. To make it kid friendly, I made the uttapam mini sized but you can always make them full sized for an adult tiffin lunch box. Also, you can prepare the batter in advance and save time during the morning rush. Please give this recipe a try and enjoy.
Corn Flakes ChivdaBy AmisCookingCorn Flakes Chivda is a classic deep fried snack to have with tea. It is known for it's spicy and savory flavors. Since it's homemade, it's significantly healthier than what you can buy at the grocery store!
Crispy Cauliflower FrittersBy AmisCookingCauliflower fritters is a fun and easy snack that takes the simple flavor of cauliflower to the next level. The batter has a variety of spices that add a burst of flavor in every single bite.
Cheese Potato CroquettesBy AmisCookingCheese potato croquettes are a delicious fried snack made with italian spices, potatoes, and cheese. It's incredibly crispy on the outside and has a soft interior. The cheese inside the potato balls is melty and stretchy which makes it a fun snack for kids!
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