Brown Rice Masoor Dal KhichadiBy AmisCookingBrown rice masoor dal khichadi is not only tasty but a complete healthy meal on its own. Khichadi is a great diabetic friendly recipe and for health nuts. It's also an easy recipe that a beginner level cook can try out. Be sure to try this recipe out and share with your friends and family.
Gujarati Khandvi RecipeBy AmisCookingKhandvi is one of the most popular besan Gujarati snacks just like khaman dhokla and fafda. It's made out of a few ingredients that are easily found in Indian households.
Butter Panchjiri Offering RecipeBy AmisCookingAlthough, original panchjiri is made with ghee, I have made it with butter. The reason being is that I believe the offering made in butter to Lord Krishna would be more appropriate and interesting as butter is Lord Krishna’s favorite.
Irani Aloo Matar SamosaBy AmisCookingThis version of Irani Aloo Matar Samosa is a Gujarat famous Navtad special. Navtad is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat which is famous for its samosa shops.
Gujarati Bhakhri Churma LadooBy AmisCookingEach region of India has it’s own way of making churma ladoo. I was born and brought up in Gujarat and so I am sharing the Gujarati version of Churma Ladoo making. This recipe is easy to make and it is a great recipe for beginners to try out their cooking skills. Please enjoy this delicious recipe and share with friends and family
Irani Chana Dal Samosa | Gujarati Style Navtad Samosa | Chana Dal ChutneyBy AmisCookingThis version of Irani Chana Dal Samosa is a Gujarati special. It is also referred to as Navtad Samosa. Navtad is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat which is famous for its samosa shops. They also serve chana dal chutney which is very unique to this place. Being Gujarati and have grown up in Ahmedabad, I always enjoyed this navtad chana dal samosa.
Sprouted Moong DhoklaBy AmisCookingDhokla is a Gujarati staple that is now famous all over India. Today, I have created a healthy version of dhokla made with sprouted moong. It's a great guilt-free snack to have during the summer!
Gujarati Thali Recipe With Mix Veg Paneer Masala Punjabi Dhaba RecipeBy AmisCookingGujarati Thali is served in restaurants but it usually includes one Punjabi subji as well. So for today's video, I will be making a restaurant style thali. This thali can be made for regular daily meal. It is versatile enough to serve to guests as well. In this thali recipe, I have made phulka roti, jeera rice, mango pulp aam ras, gujarati kadi, spicy jeera aloo, kala chana subji, and punjabi mix veg paneer subji. Please enjoy this video and make Gujarati Meal Thali.
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