Vrat / Fasting

Almond Pudding | Badam KheerBy AmisCooking Badam Payasam is a popular South Indian dessert that is well known throughout the country. It is so easy to make that even a beginner cook can make. This rich dish uses only few wholesome ingredients that can be easily found throughout the world.
Butter Panchjiri Offering RecipeBy AmisCookingAlthough, original panchjiri is made with ghee, I have made it with butter. The reason being is that I believe the offering made in butter to Lord Krishna would be more appropriate and interesting as butter is Lord Krishna’s favorite.
Kashmiri Dum Aloo Recipe | No Onions No Garlic No Tomatoes Kashmiri Chili Dum AlooBy AmisCookingThis Kashmiri Dum Aloo can be the perfect Fasting recipe, all you have to do is switch out regular table salt with black salt. A dish revolving around potatoes, kashmiri dum aloo, is a no onions, no garlic and no tomato recipe that is perfectly balanced with spicy yogurt and Kashmiri Chili curry. Also, the masala made specifically for this dish creates an authentic taste that tingles your taste buds. Please try this recipe and it with any Indian breads like Naan, Puri, Paratha, roti or Basmati rice.
Sabudana Vada | Sago Vada | Tapioca Pearls Fritters | Vrat Falahari Farali RecipeBy AmisCookingThis Sabudana or Sago is made from Tapioca Root also called Tapioca Pearl. It is consumed as Fasting Food in India which is high in carbohydrates for instant energy. If Tapioca Pearls are not cooked with precaution, they can become very sticky and unappetizing. Please watch this perfect recipe of Sabudana or Sago delight in the Vada or fritters form and enjoy.
Kashmiri Pink TeaBy AmisCookingKashmiri "Pink" Chai is an exquisite tea from the exotic area of Kashimir in South-East Asia; while making this visually stunning and delicious tea is considered an extremely complicated and arduous process, a dear friend to the team behind Ami's Cooking--Mayuri--has created a recipe so simple and tasty, we are sure that this recipe will make you a wonder in the kitchen! Happy Fourth of July, and, as always, enjoy this mouthwatering chai!
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